Day Trading Strategies

My Favorite, Most Consistently-Profitable Trading Strategies:

We will provide ALL the details for our Members in our Advanced Membership.

Looking for the best way to start your trading career with the proper plan?  Want to move from demo to a live account and start making $300 per contract per day?  You need to learn our Fast Track Day Trading Strategy.  This is the simplest form of our trading and where I recommend every student begin.  Use limit orders and simple trade management to focus on building quality trading habits while you earn profits to grow your account every day you trade. 

Every trader is different, so each person needs a different trading strategy.  Before you chose which trading strategy is best for you, be sure to watch this lesson, you may be surprised!

Sideways Trading Ranges are one of the easiest ways we earn profit each trading day.  
There are 3-Phases of every sideways trading range, and we teach all of our advanced members a specific sideways market trading strategy so they can profit from these price structures every day with us in the trade room.

One of the easiest price structures to find on a chart is a price channel, and we use price channels with a simple day trading strategy to take only the highest percentage trades each day. I use the trend-channel drawing tool within Ninja Trader 7 charts to help me define the channels with ease.

One of my favorite ways to turn 1 move into 2 winning trades in any market is the Slingshot Pattern.  This is most often a 13-range 2-Step Pattern into a 21/34-range wave pattern and its some of the best trading you will see in our live trade room!

One of my favorite day trading strategies uses the previous day’s trading range (PHOD and PLOD) to give me 3-5 high-percentage trading opportunities every day.  I call this the inside / outside day trading strategy, and all you need are some simple tools and a simple plan of attack to make some easy profit with this day trading strategy. 

Every professional day trader has one thing in common, they have mastered their morning routine.  For me personally, my morning routine is the most significant advantage I can give myself every day for many reasons. 

Price structure is one of the most important aspects of learning to day trade because it gives you clues to find the best opportunities to profit each day.  The term ‘structure’ refers to how the market has been ‘put together’.  Is the market bullish?  Bearish?  Sideways?  What does the market as a whole look like, and what does the ‘structure’ of the market tell us?

If I could day trade with any strategy for the rest of my career price wedge.  No, it’s not because price wedges are easy to draw, and it’s not because price wedges occur more frequently than any other price structure…it’s because of the market personality, which makes it very easy for me to anticipate what will happen BEFORE it does.

The Dollar Index Correlation Strategy is a day trading strategy we use on any liquid market we wish to trade.  I use this day trading strategy at major turning points in the Dollar Index Futures market, looking for the highest percentage day trading opportunities using the DX.  Specifically, i want to be selling when the dollar index is rising at support, and buying when the dollar index is falling from resistance.

We fake-out breakouts with a very simple day trading strategy that uses basic technical indicators and a general understanding that the market gives us big CLUES before it attempts to break out of a current trading range. 

Double-tops and Double-bottoms may be the highest percentage ‘price structure’ we use as traders.  It doesn’t matter what type of trader; scalper, intraday, position or swing trading, we LOVE it when we see double-tops or double-bottoms because they are so consistently profitable.  I have a simple day trading strategy that allows me to identify these patterns and then profit from them with low-risk trades.

Trade Management is a vital part of your trading plan, and most new traders start using trailing stops very early in their careers.  Most of the time trailing stops COST you profits, rather than help you make MORE profit.

The markets go through many different 'phases' each day, and we need to know when they change.  Want to know when the Morning session ends and the lunch time session begins?  Looking for a way to know WHEN to start trading in the afternoon?  Learn the 8-Phases of the Futures Markets.

Every morning a smart professional trader is looking for clues from market personality before the 10:30 Reversal.  This time of the morning is ripe for a reversal, and there are some easy clues and reasons WHY.

We use some easy clues to Predict a Price Reversal, and this lesson reviews some of the basics of our Advanced Materials provided to members.  We will also provide our members with a trading plan specifically-tailored for price reversals.

I always use Multiple Timeframes to help me first locate the support and resistance levels that are most important, and then I move to a faster timeframe looking for entry patterns, then when I take the trade I zoom in even faster to manage the trade.

Market Personality can be hard to define, but you know it when you see it.  This is one of the only 'discretionary' aspects of our trading methods.  We're always looking for clues while we are trading, and the personality of the market throughout the day is VITAL to our success.