Contract Specifications

One of the most important things to learn first as a new day trader is Contract Rollover.  Futures contracts rollover either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, and this lesson will tell you all about these.

Crude Oil is one of my favorite markets to day trade because it gives me plenty of low risk, high percentage trading opportunities with low margin requirements and cheap access to this liquid market. Learn more about the Crude Oil Futures Contract Specifications.

Gold is also one of my favorite futures markets for many reasons. It gives us plenty of trading opportunities each day, it’s cheap to access the market with low commissions and you don’t need a big account to trade it.  Learn more about Gold Futures Contract Specifications.

The euro is the largest currency futures market in the world, and its volume makes it a great opportunity for some impressive moves without the whipsaws of many of our other illiquid markets.  Learn more about Euro Futures Contract Specifications.

The Russell is known as the day traders market, and for good reason.  Once a member of the e-mini family on the CBOT, this is now traded electronically on ICE and it still has consistent volume and a lot of great patterns.  Learn more about Russell Futures Contract Specifications.

Dollar Index futures helps us every day without ever giving us a trade.  The dollar has low volume, so we don’t trade it; we use its correlation on our favorite futures markets such as Crude Oil, Gold, Euro, Pound, Yen, Aussie, and Canadian dollar.  Learn more about Dollar Index Futures Contract Specifications.

The mighty Aussie dollar is known for being an excellent market for overnight trading for most of the trading world.  While the markets close in the US and Europe they are opening in Australia, and that’s when night owls here in the US look for big opportunities.  Learn more about Aussie Futures Contract Specifications.

The E-mini ES is often considered to be the most widely traded market in the world, and its often the first market that new day traders learn.  Our simple patterns work exceptionally well on any timeframe when trading the e-mini ES.  Learn more about E-mini ES Futures Contract Specifications.

The E-Mini Dow, E-Mini Nasdaq, and British Pound futures contracts are the perfect ‘practice’ markets for new traders because of their low costs-per-tick and excellent volatility. 

Learn more about E-mini Dow Futures Contract Specifications.

Learn more about E-mini Nasdaq Futures Contract Specifications.

Learn more about Pound Futures Contract Specifications.