Thursday, December 14, 2017

Channel Reversal Strategy | Crude Oil, Emini, Nasdaq, Gold & Euro

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” 

Crude Oil is bullish with a possible Spike & Channel, so I’m waiting for buying opportunities down near the low of the channel tomorrow.

S&P is bearish and my plan is to use channel rotation to look for selling-opportunities back up near the highs tomorrow morning.

Nasdaq is bearish, but a short-term range is telling me to wait for buyer-failures up above the highs for selling-opportunities tomorrow morning.

Gold is ready to reverse back to being bearish tomorrow after the '2-Try Rule' failed for the buyers, so my plan is to look for a “trap” up near today’s high, or a strong Spike & Channel lower tomorrow morning.

Euro is bearish after a strong move lower this evening, and I’m watching a prior support trend-line to use as resistance for a target down at the prior week low tomorrow morning.

Crude Oil Day Trading Strategy

Crude Oil is bullish with what appears to be a developing Spike & Channel pattern, telling me to connect the high and project support at the lows for buying opportunities down in the ‘battle zone’ tomorrow morning.

E-Mini S&P Day Trading Strategy

E-Mini S&P is bearish and trading at the low of a wide, multi-tiered channel, telling me to look for reliable selling-opportunities up near the highs tomorrow morning, while keeping an eye on a possible Spike & Channel down to the prior month close.

E-Mini Nasdaq Day Trading Strategy

E-Mini Nasdaq is bearish and trying to finish rotation down to the channel low, but this short-term trading-range is keeping me from selling, so I’m waiting for more proof of the successful rotation or looking for a buyer-failure up above the high of the range tomorrow morning.

Gold Day Trading Strategy

Gold is trying to turn bearish after the bulls tried twice and failed to re-test today’s high, but we haven’t seen much proof of the reversal yet, which tells me to look for buyer-failures and traps up in the ‘battle zone’ for aggressive selling-opportunities or wait for the sharp collapse going lower and a possible Spike & Channel pattern tomorrow morning.

Euro Day Trading Strategy

Euro is bearish and trying to re-test yesterday’s low, and my plan is to use this new bear channel, along with the resistance trend-line for selling-opportunities tomorrow morning.

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