Monday, September 25, 2017

4 Secrets to Trade Strong Trends | Crude Oil, Emini, Nasdaq, Gold & Euro

“The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.”

Crude Oil is bullish, but we’re trading at the daily highs, so I’m waiting for a deep, ‘2-legged pullback’ into the ‘battle zone’ for more reliable buying opportunities tomorrow.

S&P is bullish and trying to finish a ‘pendulum swing’ target tomorrow, but a short-term trading-range, combined with a new bull channel are both telling us to wait for more reliable buying opportunities after a pullback tomorrow.

Nasdaq is bearish, but a short-term bull channel is telling me to stay patient looking for selling-opportunities after the bulls finish their move higher.

Gold is bullish, but trading major resistance tells me to look for buying opportunities using the '2-Try Rule' tomorrow.

Euro is bearish and trying to reach a key target for the sellers tomorrow, but a rising support trend-line is telling us to wait for a ‘2-legged correction’ to sell back down tomorrow.

We’re trading the last week of the month, which means we’re expecting to see an increase in volatility, we’re watching those prior month levels, and looking forward to some big trading opportunities in Tuesday’s session.

Crude Oil Trading Strategy
Crude Oil is bullish with a strong “spike” higher today, which tells me to watch for a channel, wedge, range, or flag pattern setting up for tomorrow.

Depending on the price-action we get overnight, the plan is to focus on buying low, preferably down in the ‘battle zone’, using th2 '2-Try Rule' to catch the sellers on the wrong side of the market.

If price continues to push higher, the plan remains the same, looking for which of the four scenarios and then trading them accordingly tomorrow.

E-Mini S&P Trading Strategy
E-Mini S&P is bullish and trading back in the original range that started today’s session, along with the high of this new bull channel. 

The session started with a Spike & Range going lower, so it’s no surprise to see prices back inside the original range, especially after the bears tried twice to re-test the lows and failed. 

At this point our best option is to ride this ‘pendulum swing’ back to re-test today’s high, but I don’t want to buy into this resistance, so im looking for buying opportunities back at channel lows and down in the ‘battle zone’ support range tomorrow.

E-Mini Nasdaq Trading Strategy
E-Mini Nasdaq is bearish with a Spike & Channel, which tells me to look for selling-opportunities up in the ‘battle zone’ tomorrow, but the more important clue is this short-term bull channel, telling us that buyers are most likely going to try to pullback and make another run higher before we get that drop back down to the lows tomorrow.

With that information, my plan is to look for the buyers to try twice, with this move higher considered the first try, and waiting for the buyers to try again so I can look for entry triggers when they start failing.

Gold Trading Strategy
Gold is bullish and trading “four legs higher”, which is a little aggressive for us to be buying, and on top of that, we’re above the short-term trading-range the finished the session.

My goal for tomorrow is to use this Trading-Range to my advantage, looking for the sellers to try twice below the range to time my entry going back up to re-test the high.

If price keeps pushing higher without the pullback, then my plan is to use the top of this range as key support to buy a ‘2-legged pullback’.

Euro Trading Strategy
Euro is bearish and trying to finish off the measured-move target, but this short-term bull channel is telling us to stay patient and look for a ‘2-legged pullback’ up into the ‘battle zone’ for the most reliable selling-opportunities back down to the lows tomorrow.

If price keeps pushing lower, the only option will be to sell into the measured-move support, which we never want to do, so we will still be looking for selling-opportunities, but the ‘battle zone’ will shift lower.

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