Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Integrity of the Trader - Trader Psychology

In·teg·ri·ty - the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

Integrity means a solid mind, body, and soul.  Without it, the financial markets will find your greatest weakness and exploit it.  The markets will reach inside you and pull out the weakest aspect of your personality, and leaving you begging to stop the pain.

Integrity of mind means we must fully-understand how the markets work, and the workings of the trading strategy.  It is not enough to know definitions, indicators, and the like.  We must look inside the candlesticks… understanding what drives the people inside.

Integrity of body means we must eat well, get enough sleep, and keep our bodies fine-tuned with daily exercise.  We must listen and respect our bodies because they are the finest-tuned instrument we have. 

Integrity of soul means we must be at peace with who we are as human beings, and where we fit into the society around us.  We must feel as though we play a valid role in our surroundings, and feel like we make a difference outside of the markets we trade.  We cannot rely on the markets to give us satisfaction… we must achieve that from the outside.

“Being a successful trader means we must have integrity… because a fortune isn’t work a dime without a sound body, soul, and mind.”

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