Thursday, February 23, 2017

Find Winning Trades with the Moving-average | SchoolOfTrade Newsletter 02/23/17

“Success Does Not Consist In Never Making Mistakes, But In Never Making The Same Mistake A Second Time.”

Crude Oil looks bearish at first, but one BIG CLUE from the moving-average is telling us this afternoon’s move lower is most likely a pullback, rather than a reversal.

E-Mini S&P is bullish, but a key trend-line on the chart is telling us to look for the next buying opportunities after a trap below the lows.

Gold is bullish, but two big clues on the chart tell us that we need to be careful buying here and be ready to buy the next deep pullback off the highs tomorrow.

Euro is bullish, and if you missed that beautiful ‘trap low’ earlier today, not to worry because we have a key trend-line on the chart telling us where to be looking next.

FDAX looks bearish at first, but the same pattern from last night’s newsletter is telling us that buyers are most likely going to see this recent pullback as a great buying opportunity going back to the highs tomorrow.

Crude Oil
Crude Oil is bullish and pulling back off today’s high with a great example of how we can use the moving-average to define who really controls this market.  Looking at the move higher this morning, we can easily see the clear separation from the moving-average.  Later in the day, as the market pulls back, you can see that price appears to be stuck around the moving-average, unable to get that same separation, which is a big clue that this pullback is most likely just a pullback and not a full reversal.  Buyers will be looking for traps below 54.23 and a successful breakout-pullback above the triangle for buying opportunities tomorrow, while the sellers can take control if they show us some strength pushing lower.

E-Mini S&P
E-Mini S&P is bullish and trading with a triangle this evening, which tells us to look for buying opportunities below the low of the triangle, or after a successful breakout-pullback above the highs.  Buyers will find it easy to find trading opportunities if price pulls lower, but if price tries to poke through the highs, we need to beware trying to buy into the highs, so our plan is to use the triangle and look for a trap.

Gold is bullish, but after reaching the ‘quadruple-up’ and seeing the buyers get two chances to ‘buy low’ today, we know that only a VERY strong trend will keep going without a deep pullback, so we’re waiting patiently to see where this market wants to go next.  The most reliable buying opportunity will come after a pullback into the ‘battle zone’, where buyers can look for traps and failures for a move back to the highs.  If price keeps going higher, we need to see confirmation with a successful breakout-pullback above the ‘quadruple-up’ in order to keep buying higher.

Euro is bullish and trying to complete a measured-move tomorrow, which is just above last week’s closing price.  You’ll see that quite often; towards the end of the week, the market will start making its way back to the prior week highs, lows, and closing prices.  The bulls took control earlier in the session, they just got a perfect ‘trap low’ and now they’re looking to run back to the high and continue up to the high of the channel and the measured-move tomorrow.


FDAX is bullish and trying to re-test the high again tomorrow after a deep pullback into the ‘battle zone’ from last night’s newsletter.  Just as we expected, the bulls ran out of bullets at the highs, and now we’re getting that important pullback to allow the buyers to ‘buy low’ and send price back to the target at the high.  The sellers do have a chance here, but they need to hold this pullback and show us some strength or else the buyers will keep looking for ways to grab this price on the way back to the high.

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