Monday, February 9, 2015

Russell Auto Trader
The Russell has had a gorgeous move higher with a boat load of buying pressure on all pullbacks allowing the TREND Auto Trader to follow right alongside the market and push higher with it!

We have our profit coming back this week at a solid $1,740 for the week showing what a true trending market can do with the TREND Auto Trader!

Russell Performance
The Russell has had a great week overall banking us a profit of $1,740 for the week on very strong bullish movement in the markets.

We have our largest winning trade clocking in at $1,800 while the largest losing trade is back at $290. Along with this the average winner is sitting firmly up at $677.50 while the average loss is all the way down at $161.67. This gives us a reward vs. risk average of 4.19 and a total profit factor of 2.79.

We are seeing an increase in trades taken at an average of 1.43 per day but the hold times have decreased to only 72.0 minutes on average.

Russell Executions
The Russell took a total of 10 trades this past week for a commission cost total of $115 with multiple contracts traded on the TREND Auto Trader.

We do have 4 of the 10 total trades coming back as winners leaving the remaining 6 as losses for a trade accuracy total of 40.00% on the week driving with a gorgeous reward vs. risk average to the bank!

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