Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy Review - Gold Futures

Gold Auto Trader
Gold has had a very back and forth week on the FLEX Auto Trader with prices on Gold ripping all over the place and with very wide range to the moves.

These moves allowed the FLEX Auto Trader to bank a solid profit this week of $210 while also demonstrating the insane strength of having a good risk vs. reward on your trades!

Gold Performance
Gold has had a whippy week overall but managed to pull out $210 in profit for us this past week on the FLEX Auto Trader.

We have our largest winning trade coming back at a whopping $1,040 while the largest loss is all the way back at $240. The average winning trade came in back at $705 with the average loss at $240 again giving us a reward vs. risk average of a beautiful 2.94 and a total profit factor of 1.18!

We are seeing the average trades per day coming in a bit lower than normal at .88 per day but the hold times have held constant at 117.8 minutes on average.

Gold Executions
Gold has had a busy week with a total of 7 trades taken giving us a commission cost total of $35 per contract traded.

Of the 7 total trades taken, we have 2 coming back as winners and the left over 5 as losses for a trade accuracy total of 28.57% really driving the risk vs. reward point home!

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