Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy Review - E-Mini Russell Futures

Russell Auto Trader
The Russell has had a VERY active week this past week taking a bunch of trades and coming back with some seriously hefty stats!

We have the TREND Auto Trader on the E-Mini Russell Futures banking us a gorgeous profit of $990 this past week with all of the volatility that has been coming in over the past few weeks. It sure has been making the best of it too with these types of weeks!

Russell Performance
The Russell has had an awesome week this past week banking us a massive profit of $990 on quite a bit of activity coming in!

We have our largest winning trade coming back at a whopping $1,300 while the largest losing trade is back at $400. Along with this we have our average winning trade back at $305.56 and the average loss at $176. This gives us a reward vs. risk average of 1.74 and a total profit factor of 1.56.

We are seeing a large increase in trades taken at 2.38 trades per day on average but the hold times have almost halved back to 77.4 minutes on average.

Russell Executions
The Russell, as you can see, has taken quite a few trades for a total of 19 trades. This gives us a commission cost total with multiple contracts at $215.

Of the 19 total trades we have 9 coming in as winners and 10 as losses for a total trade accuracy of 47.37%. Along with that, 3 of the winners as well as 3 of the losers coming back consecutively.

With the increase in volatility that we are seeing, it isn't a huge surprise to see the TREND Auto Trader coming back with quite a bit of action and with almost $1,000 in profit, it sure is hard to be upset about it!

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