Sunday, October 12, 2014 | *MASSIVE* Breakout Trading Strategy Up-date is LIVE!

Attention to all Members!
We have up-dated the Master-Download at
to include supporting information on the Breakout Trading-Strategy,
along with the slides from our new video overview.
-Trading Strategies / Breakout Strategy
-Chart Examples of each Trade Set-up
-Chart Templates for each Trade Set-up
-Chart Properties for each chart
-Printer-Friendly Flashcards
-Trade-Management & ATM-Strategy details
-Breakout Strategy Overview v4.1 (PDF)
-Breakout Strategy Video Slides (PDF)

SOT Worksheet:  
-added a tab for the Breakout Strategy
-provides details on everything we use
Please Download here:  
SOT / Master-Download / Strategies / Breakout Strategy
Please Watch the New Video here:  
SOT / Intermediate / Breakout Strategy

We will be doing 'Intense Training' this week over lunch!!

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