Monday, October 27, 2014

6 Ways to Trade the FOMC Meeting | SchoolOfTrade Newsletter 10/27/14

“Genius is one-percent-inspiration and ninety-nine-percent perspiration.” – Thomas A. Edison

Notes for Tonight’s Newsletter:
·       Markets prepare ahead of the 2-day FOMC Meeting, which begins Tuesday morning.
·       Gold pushes lower into bearish territory ahead of FOMC Meeting
·       Crude Oil trades lower, stuck at $80.00/barrel amidst rumors of $75.00 prices coming soon!
·       Mini-Russell is bullish, but we are watching closely to see new higher-highs overnight
·       Tuesday morning, 2-Day FOMC Meeting Begins
·       Tuesday @ 8:30am EST Red-Star news from Durable Goods in the US
·       Wednesday @ 2:00pm EST we hear the FOMC-Announcement

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