Monday, August 11, 2014

Last Chance WAVE Trading Crude Oil Futures;

Buying the Last Chance WAVE on Crude Oil got us into a 57 tick winner this morning!

In today's video we have the pushing into the previous day's levels where they begin to act as a magnet.

This gave us an opportunity to hop onto a Last Chance WAVE Pattern for a gorgeous $570 winner!

We use a simple trading strategy that can be used on ALL markets! When you learn these simple strategies you will be able to make profits on any market you wish to trade, from Futures to Stocks and everything in between.

These types of patterns happen all the time in strong trending days where you have a deep pullback that shakes most buyers out and traps sellers in just to push right back up again. You have to keep these types of moves in the back of your mind or you would have missed the whole thing!

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