Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7 Ways to Profit after FOMC Report | SchoolOfTrade Newsletter 07/30/14

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein
Today’s Newsletter:
·       Last Night:  Big Winning Trades on Crude Oil and Gold Futures
·       Markets Today:  Reacting to GDP & FOMC News
·       News for Tomorrow: Red-Star News @ 5:00am & 8:30am EST
·       Trading Opportunities: Selling Crude Oil and Gold, Buying Mini-Russell

Notes for Tonight’s Newsletter:

·       BIG WINNER on Crude Oil short to $100/barrel
·       GDP and FOMC have markets moving today
·       Earnings Season sends E-mini Stock Index Futures higher
·       Contract Rollover on Gold to 12/14 Contract
·       Markets now shift focus to Friday’s Non-Farm Payroll report
·       Very little news today from the Middle East
·       Tomorrow (Thursday) is end of July, additional volatility expected

·       Last Night:  Called the SHORT from 1301.1 down to 1292.8 for easy profits!
·       Trading lower, still within striking-distance of $1300/oz
·       Long term = bearish
·       Short term = sideways/consolidation
·       Day trading plan = buy lows, sell highs, wait for new lower-lows to sell short

Crude Oil:
·       Last Night:  we called the SHORT down to $100/barrel for EASY profits!
·       Price-action testing the 200ema on the Daily chart @ 99.60
·       98.03 is the latest low from 07/16/14
·       Missed the short?  Wait for retracement to 100.37
·       Profit-targets below us at 98.87, 98.65, 97.30

·       Very sloppy price-action on the anchor chart
·       Trading in the middle of the monthly range
·       Today’s GDP and ‘Dovish’ FOMC Announcement is bullish for equities
·       Short-term trend is bullish

·       Profit-targets above us at 46.8, 49.2, 52.1, 54.2, 60.8

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