Monday, June 23, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy- Euro Currency Futures

Euro Auto Trader
The Euro has been catching some very nice movement to the upside over the past week with price pushing new highs several times now showing quite a bit of strength from the bulls.

This bullish movement is also coming with a nice bit of consolidation  with the pushes higher allowing the FLEX to hop in a few nice trades banking us a profit of $537.50!

Euro Performance
The Euro has had a great week overall banking us a gorgeous $537.50 this past week with VERY strong stats! We didn't have a single losing trade so keep that in mind as that will throw some of the stats off.

We had our largest winning trade come back at $537.50 with the largest losing trade back at a whopping $0! Along with that we have our average winning trade sitting at $268.75 and average loser at $0 as well. This gives us a reward vs. risk average of 268.75 and a total profit factor of a fantastic 99.00!

We are seeing .67 trades per day on average which is a bit lower than normal but the trades that do fire off happen VERY fast taking only 85.6 minutes on average.

Euro Executions
The Euro took a total of 2 trades this past week for a commission total of $10 per contract traded and as all of the trades were winners, a trade accuracy total of 100%!

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