Monday, May 19, 2014

Flag Pattern Trading Gold Futures;

In today's video we see the Gold Futures attempting to fall a bit lower when it moved into a very nice looking Flag Pattern Short!

We had the initial aggressive entry trigger a bit earlier but we waited to hit the higher percentage trade and hop on with confirmation banking us a solid $480 in profits per contract!

This video covers one of our favorite price action setups, the Flag Pattern! It is a VERY reliable setup and a strong signal just by itself.

We use a simple trading strategy that can be used on ALL markets! When you learn these simple strategies you will be able to make profits on any market you wish to trade, from Futures to Stocks and everything in between.

It is a wonderful thing when we can log in to the room and take trades like this where, just on one contract, can make the same amount that some folks make in a week at a regular job! That is the brute force power of trading!

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