Thursday, May 29, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy Review - Natural Gas Futures

Nat Gas Auto Trader
Natural Gas has had a very nice reversal back up to new highs with a rejection of the lows back on the 27th. From there we have had a HUGE push higher.

This push higher allowed the TREND Auto Trader to hop on board with the move and bank a nice hefty profit of $790 while it went along for the ride up!

Nat Gas Performance
Natural Gas had a great week overall banking us a solid $790 on VERY strong stats. We had all winners so the stats will be a bit off as there aren't any losers to compare the winners to so keep that in mind.

We had our largest winning trade come in at $790 and the largest loser all the way back at $0. Along with that our average winning and losing trade came in at the same giving us a reward vs. risk average of 790.00 and a profit factor of a gorgeous 99.00!

We are seeing an average of 1.00 trades per day which is pretty typical but the hold time average of 360.0 minutes is quite a bit longer than normal allowing the winners to really run for profits!

Nat Gas Executions
Natural Gas took a total of 1 trade this week for a commission total of $5 with multiple contracts and because that trade was a winner, 100% trade accuracy as well!

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