Monday, May 12, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy Review - Gold Futures

Gold Auto Trader
Gold has been quite consolidated but when it breaks out, it REALLY breaks out. These moves give massive trends and then go right back into consolidation. This is exactly what the TREND Auto Trader LOVES to see and it gives is plenty of action to really make some solid profits. Overall we had some very nice stats come back this week which allowed us to bank $530 this week helping us close out a gorgeous week of Auto Trading!

Gold Performance
Gold had an awesome week overall bringing in a nice $530 on very strong stats! We had our largest winning trade clock in at a solid $320 while the largest losing trade was all the way back at only $140. Along with that, we had our average winning trade come back at $138 while the average losing trade was teeny tiny at $80. This gives us a reward vs. risk average of a solid 1.72 and a total profit factor of a whopping 4.31! We are seeing fewer trades this past week due to the increase in sporadic volatility at .88 per day but when the volume comes in and gets our trades, they fire off fast and furious only holding for an average of 72.9 minutes which is much faster than our average hold time showing the strength in this market!

Gold Executions
Gold took a total of 7 trades this past week for a commission total with multiple contracts of $75. We had some VERY solid trading stats come back this week with 5 of the 7 winners coming in as winners and the other 2 as losers for a trade accuracy total of 71.43% which is what we LOVE to see come back with a profit factor of 4.31!

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