Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy Review - Euro Currency Futures

Euro Auto Trader
The Euro has been quite trendy over the past few days which normally creates a bit of a difficult market condition for the FLEX Auto Trader. This past week is a perfect example of that where the FLEX only took one trade. This is a VERY good thing however as we are staying out of a lot of potentially bad trades and only taking the good ones for a total profit banked this week of $162.50. We have this profit come back on strong stats so it still managed to work out quite nicely!

Euro Performance
The Euro brought in a total profit of $162.50 this past week on some very strong stats! We didn't take a single losing trade so the stats will be a bit off as there aren't any losing trades to compare the winning ones against so keep that in mind as we go through these stats. We had our largest winning trade come in at $162.50 while the largest losing trade was all the way back at a whopping $0! We had our average trades come in at the same with the winners at $162.50 and the losers at $0. This gives us a reward vs. risk average of a HUGE 162.50 and a total profit factor of a gorgeous 99.00! We are seeing an average of 1.00 trades per day and holding them for a VERY long time at 464.0 minutes on average.

Euro Executions
The Euro took a total of 1 trade this past week for a commission total of $5 per contract traded and since that trade came back as a winner, we are rocking with a 100% trade accuracy!

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