Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Automated Trading Strategy Review - E-Mini Russell Futures

Russell Auto Trader
The Russell has been quite trendy in the long run where we are seeing some nice pushes to the upside. There are periods of consolidation after the big pushes in both directions but overall it has had some nice movement. This has allowed the TREND Auto Trader to bank some solid profits sitting at $270. The moves that are firing off are VERY large and the TREND is doing an awesome job at limiting on risk on those moves to take the best setups that fall in our risk tolerance!

Russell Performance
The Russell brought in a solid profit of $270. It isn't a ton but that is because the TREND is keeping us out of trades that require too much risk which is an awesome way to throttle potential losses and only allow us to get into the best setups. We have our largest winning trade come in at $370 while the largest losing trade is way back at only $140. Along with those stats, we have our average winning trade come in at $275 with the average losing trade VERY small at only $75. These combined give us a reward vs. risk average of a gorgeous 3.93 and a total profit factor of a solid 1.96! We are seeing a few less trades per day on average at .86 but they are firing fast and furiously with an average hold time of 65.0 minutes on average.

Russell Executions
The Russell took a total of 6 trades for a commission total of $30 with multiple contracts. We had 2 of the 6 trades come in as winners and the other 4 as losers for a trade accuracy total of 33.33%! This really shows the power of a good reward vs. risk as we still brought in a solid profit this week under 50% accuracy!

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