Monday, February 24, 2014

Breakout Trading Crude Oil Futures;

In today's video we see a HUGE amount of pre-open buying on Crude Oil that we are able to use as a sign that there will be a bit of a sell off at the open. This was exactly what we saw happen and we were able to take a nice quick trade short for a solid $400!

We use a simple trading strategy that can be used on ALL markets! When you learn these simple strategies you will be able to make profits on any market you wish to trade, from Futures to Stocks and everything in between. I don't know about you, but I am always happy to bank $400 in a few minutes worth of work!

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"Feed a man Fish and He eats for a day.
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  1. That was a nice trade. What was your stop again? I wasn't able to hear it in the video. And what are the costs to join? Thanks much. Mike

    1. Hi Mike! Thanks for watching!

      We use anywhere between a 5 and 15-tick stop loss on our breakout trades, it all depends on the market and the time of day.

      Give me a call in the office and we can discuss your goals and membership with SchoolOfTrade, we still have slots left for March.

      Skype: Megan.James12345

      I'm excited to work with you soon in our live trade room!


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