Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best of the Trading Blog for this week!

We had a very successful week of trading, and we created some amazing videos to help teach our students how to make profit on any market they want to trade.

It’s time to reflect on what happened this week so we can always be improving in our trading performance.

Here are the highlights from our blog this week:
·       Weekly RECAP of the Action this week
·       Price-reversal on Gold earned us over $200 in profit
·       Trend-Following Trades on Mini-Russell earn big profit!
·       Wick Reversal Tutorial; One of our favorite reversal patterns
·       Trade the BOUNCE; How to profit from a short-term bounce!
·       Use a DOJI for BIG Clues; know when to hold or fold on that trade!
·       Automated trading system review; let the computer trade FOR you!

·       Our members are buzzing about how much they love the Live Trade Room!

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