Monday, November 25, 2013

Day Trading Morning Prep 11/25/13;

7:30am EST

Focus-Points this morning:
·       Traders prepare ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday in the US, markets closed Thursday and Friday
·       European markets soar on improving market sentiment
·       Global power agreement with Iran eases geo-political tensions and aids to investor risk appetite this morning
·       Oil and Gold prices tumble after news of the Iran power deal
    Hang Seng is lower -.05% (23685)
·       FDAX is higher +.95% (9305)
·       E-Mini S&P is higher +.50% (1804)
·       E-Mini Dow is higher +.35% (16165)
·       EUR/USD is lower -.28% (1.3519)
·       Gold is lower -1.05% (1231)
·       Crude Oil is lower -1.50% (93.40)

News This Week
Economic News on the schedule today:
10:00am EST:           Pending Home Sales
10:30am EST:           Dallas Fed Mfg Survey

Are any of these Red-Star news events today?
No, none of the news is considered to be Red-Star news on the calendar today, although we did see some very important news come out of this deal with Iran.  We can assume there will be big reactions to the deal with Iran, so look for those short-term trends and leave a runner profit-target today to catch the bigger moves in the market.

Which markets will be affected by this news the most today?
We have already seen almost every market affected by this deal with Iran.  It’s easy to see that Crude Oil and Gold will be heavily-impacted by this news, as well as equity markets.  There is a greater sense of peace with this new deal which will push gold and equities higher, and of course more output for Crude Oil always means lower prices.

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