Friday, October 25, 2013

Mini Russell Trades with the Trend for easy Day Trading Profit


This morning we traded the Mini Russell in our Live Trade Room and found some excellent trading opportunities right after the opening-bell.  In today’s ‘trade of the day’ we will look for buying opportunities on one of our favorite e-mini markets.

The first thing we need to do is find the long-term-trend, which is very easy using some simple technical indicators on our Anchor chart.  The anchor chart is a much slower chart timeframe that allows us to see the ‘big picture’.
As you can see, defining the long-term-trend on our Anchor Chart is very easy; we use the color of the ‘cloud’ along with a simple regression channel to tell us which direction the market is moving.

Our goal is to trade with the long-term-trend because we will see fewer losing trades and our winning trades will be much larger.

Once we define the long-term-trend we will then begin to look for the entry pattern.  We use a faster chart timeframe to find the specific entry pattern because this allows us to enter into a new position with a very small stop-loss (low risk) and a very wide profit-target.  Whenever we have a small stop-loss and a wide profit-target we have a very favorable situation for our trade.

The goal is to trade with small amounts of RISK, and large amounts of REWARD.  We call this the ‘risk-reward ratio’ and it’s the most important aspect of our long term success.

As you can see the entry pattern is very easy.  We use a set of ‘rules’ to make sure we take each trade correctly, and we use a very simple technique to enter each trade once we see our ‘trigger’.

These trading opportunities can be taken with 1 or 100 contracts.  You can trade like this with only $2,500 in your account, or you can manage $100M USD in large blocks of capital with a simple strategy like this as well.

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