Monday, October 28, 2013

DOUBLE your day trading profits with this simple strategy


Would you be interested in DOUBLING your day trading profits?

Every morning we open our Live Trade Room at 8:00am EST and we immediately begin our morning prep so everyone has the ‘game-plan’ for the day ahead.

One of the most important aspects of our ‘Morning Prep’ is to define the long-term-trend using multiple chart timeframes.

In today’s video I want to teach you how to use multiple chart timeframes to define the long-term-trend, which will show you how dramatically this will improve your trading results.

Gold Anchor Chart

The first thing we need is the anchor chart, which defines our long-term-trend as well as major support & resistance levels that we will use throughout the trading day.

Gold Entry Chart
The second thing we need is the entry chart, which is a ‘fractal’ of the anchor chart, and is used to find the entry patterns that go in the same direction as the long-term-trend.

As you can see, by following the long-term-trend and using the anchor chart as your guide, you can remove the chaos from your trading day, you can follow the trend, and make much easier profit because of this.

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