Friday, October 25, 2013

Best of the Trading Blog; Here's what you missed this week!

Happy Friday!
It’s about that time of the week when we close out of our open positions, reflect on our trading performance, and look back at the many videos and articles we posted on our blog this week.

Here are the highlights from our blog this week:

·       Trade-Of-The-Day:  Watch us trade with the trend on the Mini Russell
·       Electronic vs. Regular Trading Hours TutorialThis is a must-know for a new trader.
·       Auto-trader performance up-date:  Let the computer do the trading for you!
·       Double-bottom & Fake-out breakout trading:  learn what to look for when you see a double-bottom on your chart.
·       Trading Computers, What you need to know:  don’t buy a new computer without knowing this info first.
·       Learn the Golden Wave Pattern:  This is my personal favorite way to trade any market in the world
·       2013 SchoolOfTrade Members Summit is almost here!  Don’t forget to register for this exciting 2-day live trading event in Las Vegas!
·       Our members are buzzing about how much they love the Live Trade Room!

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