Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fake-Out Breakout earns $1,000 trading Crude Oil / Mini-Russell


This morning we got started in our live trade room with a morning prep that identified a fake-out-breakout day trading plan and we used this on both the Crude Oil and Mini-Russell futures markets to earn some incredible profits with our members and guests.

Our first trade of the morning came selling the highs of the previous day’s highs on the Mini-Russell.  We designed our day trading plan this morning around this fake-out-breakout strategy at the PHOD and by 10:00am EST we were selling short after watching the buyers fail at the highs.  This day trading plan was published on our blog during our morning prep at 8:00am EST and we simply focused on following that trading plan.  We earned over $250 on our first trade of the session, great way to start.

Read the Complete Trade Room Recap HERE

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